2006 Spring wild Lincang Pu Er Qizi Bing Cha
  • 2006 Spring wild Lincang Pu Er Qizi Bing Cha
  • 2006 Spring wild Lincang Pu Er Qizi Bing Cha

2006 Spring wild Lincang Pu Er Qizi Bing Cha


  Wild and pure

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Cultivar: Wild puerh (trees over 100 years old)

Harvested: Spring 2006

Origin: Lincang, Yunnan, China (2000 meters)

Process: raw, sun dried, pressed as cakes.

Weight of a cake: 357 gram

Taiwanese order. These trees have since been protected because of their old age and are not available for harvesting anymore. The scent of the dry leaves is deep, pure and honey like. The leaves on the cake are shiny and we can see a high ratio of buds. These buds are quite big, which is a sign that the tree they come from is old. The brew is extraordinarily bright and shiny. The clarity is excellent. Its orange color is slowly turning brown as the years go by. The taste starts very sweet and light. At the same time, there is a thick coating in the whole mouth. This creates a very pleasing and longlasting aftertaste. It's a very harmonious and pure feeling. It triggers salivation in the mouth and a warm cha qi in the body. The scents in the mouth remind me of jasmine and rose flowers. There's also a feeling of a wild, remote mountain forest. The cold smell in the empty fragrance is powerful and sweet. The flavors linger indefinitely. The mouth continues to experience the energetic, sweet aftertaste, but remains very clean. The body of this tea's taste is similar to red wine: it has tannins. The great quality of this puerh is that these tannins are powerful, but elegant: they don't overpower the sweetness but prolong it. These wild puerh leaves are very powerful and concentrated. That's why I recommend not to use too many leaves, but brewing them for longer time. In terms of purity, power and elegance, this is the best young raw puerh I have experienced!

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