Yixing modern zhuni Junde Teapot


Strength and Elegance

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Volume: 111 ml (11.1 cl)

Weight: 109.4 grams

The clay is modern zhuni, a hard red clay with little porosity. It was fired at a high temperature: the cover produces a high pitched sound when it touches the body of the teapot.

The details of this teapot show very good craftsmanship. The thin handle looks like a human ear. The walls under the lid are long and curved inwards. The knob is elevated and easy to grab. And the beautifully curved spout produces a graceful water/tea flow. It was made approximately 10 years ago but is in new condition. This teapot has a small single hole.

It performs best with high mountain Oolongs. The scents of the tea come out strong and bright.

The calligraphy under the teapot is from a short poem and can be translated as "In my beautiful home I have a feeling of freshness" and it is signed Meng Cheng.

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