Yixing Hongni Wu Xing Hu 4


5 teapot shapes

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Volume: 100 ml (10 cl)

Weight: 103.8 grams

This teapot is part of a collection of 5 classic teapot shapes called Wu Xing Hu in Chinese (5 shapes teapot).

The shape of this teapot is named after Xi Shi, the first of 4 famous Chinese beauties. She lived in the 5th century BC and was sent to a prince so that he would neglect his governing duties. Her seduction was a success and this prince would soon be overthrown. The lines of this classic Xishi teapot are therefore very round and feminine. The lid prolongs the shape of the body and alludes to the most maternal part of a woman's body...

The material used is natural Hongni clay fired at a high temperature. Single hole filter.

This teapot is approximately 10-20 years old. It performs well with most ball shaped Oolongs or aged sheng or shu puerh.

The small seal under the teapot says 'Jingxi Zhu zhi'.

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