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Yixing zisha and duanni teapot



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The volume of the teapot is 165 ml (16.5 cl)

It weighs 156.8 grams. This round teapot is made of zisha mixed with duanni clay. The firing was made at medium temperature.

The details of this teapot show good craftsmanship. The spout is curved and the handle is shaped like an ear. The knob on the lid is elevated and easy to hold. The flow is smooth and can be stopped by pressing on the knob.
This teapot was made approximately 10 years ago. This teapot has a single hole. 

It performs very well with roasted Oolongs like the Hungshui Oolongs and old raw puerh. It produces a thick and harmonious taste.

A short poem is carved under the teapot: "After the rain, the stone well sings". It is signed Meng Cheng.

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