Yixing modern zhuni Teapot


Flat shape

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Volume: 115 ml (11.5 cl)

Weight: 123.5 gr

It is made of modern zhuni clay, a red, raw and hard clay.

It was fired at high temperature, because the lid produces a high-pitched sound when it touches the body of the teapot.

The details of this thick-walled teapot show a good technique. The long walls under the lid are typical of old models. The spout is curved and looks like a leg. The shape of the handle looks like an ear.

It was made in Yixing more than 10 years ago. It's like new. This teapot has a single hole.

It is particularly suitable for fresh Oolongs or young puerhs raw.

The calligraphy under the teapot is a short poem: "To taste tea opens the mind" and it is signed Meng Chen..

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