Yixing Zisha Shuiping


Floats on water

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Volume: 102 ml (10.2 cl)

Weight: 97.8 gr 

This teapot is made of brown, hard zisha clay. The sound of the cover on the teapot is high pitched: the teapot was fired at a high temperature.

Nice craftmanship. Well balanced, it floats on water. The spout is thin and produces a beautiful pour. The large knob is elevated and is easy to grab. 

It has a single hole filter.

This flat shaped Yixing zisha is over 10 years old. It's a good fit for unroasted Oolong, Baozhong or young puerh.

The seal under the teapot is 'MengChen'. Inside the lid, there's a small 'Shui Ping' seal.

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