Yixing hungni ShuiPing Teapot


Floats on water 7

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The volume of the teapot is 95 ml (9.5 cl)

It weighs 87.9 grams. This teapot can be called Shuiping, because it passes the test of floating on water even when the lid is on. This means that the thin walls are well balanced so that not one side is heavier than the other.

The clay is hungni, a red clay with average porosity. It has been fired at high temperature: the sound of the lid on the body of the pot is high pitched. The flow of water can be stopped by pressing on the knob. These details and the elegant shape show superior craftmanship.

It was made over 20 years ago.
This teapot has a single hole.

This teapot is a great fit for aged puerh or roasted Oolong.

The seal at the bottom of the teapot is 'China Yixing'. Inside the lid, we can read 'Shui Ping' and the character 7. 

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