Yixing modern zhuni ShuiPing Teapot


Classic shape

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Volume: 128 ml (12.8 cl)

Weight: 113.3 gr

The shape of this teapot is called Shui Ping. It means that is well balanced and can float on water. The clay is modern zhuni, a hard red clay with little porosity. It was fired at a high temperature: the cover produces a high pitched sound when it touches the body of the teapot.

The details of this teapot show good craftsmanship. The knob is large, slightly elevated and easy to grab. The handle is very thin and looks like a human ear.  The spout is straight and very thin, producing a beautiful flow that can be stopped by pressing on the knob.

This teapot was made about 10 years ago and is new. This teapot has a single hole.

It performs very well with most Oolongs or sheng puerh. 

The seal under the teapot is 'Mo Yuan Zai'.

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