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Yixing modern Zhuni Xian Piao Teapot


Classic and elegant

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Volume: 95 ml (9.5 cl)

Weight: 109.4 grams

The shape of this teapot is either called 線瓢 (Xiàn piáo) or 芭樂 (Bālè). Both names (scoop and guava) suggest a round shape in a poetic way. The modern zhuni clay is hard and the cover produces a high pitched sound when it touches the body of the teapot.

This teapot shows good craftsmanship with the long walls under the lid, the handle in the shape of a human ear. The flow can be stopped by pressing on the elevated knob. This teapot was made some 10 years ago and is like new. Single hole filter.

This zhuni teapot is a good fit for most rolled Oolong teas.

The seal under the teapot says 'Zhen Zi Lu Yuan'.

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