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Yixing zisha Shipiao Teapot with bamboo and poem engraving

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The volume of the teapot is 105 ml (10.5 cl)

It weighs 129 grams.

This triangular shaped teapot is made of zisha clay. The sound of the cover on the teapot indicates a medium firing temperature. This teapot is engraved with bamboo and a calligraphy. It is a well executed reproduction of a famous Qing dynasty teapot. The 3 key points of the teapot are remarkable: the long spout, the triangular shaped handle and the knob in the shape of a bridge.

This teapot is in new condition.

It has a small hole.

It performs with roasted Baozhongs, Wuyis or raw puerh.

The small seal under the teapot is: "Mo Hu".

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