Yixing Hungni Octogon Teapot


8 faces

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The volume of the teapot is 120 ml (12 cl)

It weighs 91 grams.

The shape of this teapot is geometric and tall. It has 8 sides. The hungni clay has a medium to low porosity. Its firing temperature was high.

This curvy design is very elegant. The thin spout, the tall knob and the nicely shaped handle are all well made and in harmony with each other.

It was made approximately 10 years ago.
This teapot has a single hole. The smooth flow of tea from the teapot can be stopped by pressing on the knob.

It performs very well with Oolong or sheng puerh.

The calligraphy under the teapot is a short poem that says "In the empty mountain, there's nobody." and it's signed Meng Chen. 

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