Yixing modern zhuni and duanni square teapot


Square shape

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The volume of the teapot is 100 ml (10 cl)

It weighs 78.9 grams. This square shaped teapot is made of modern zhuni mixed with some duanni clay. This creates a special effect that looks like stars in the night.

This teapot was made approximately 10 years ago.

The details of this teapot show good craftsmanship. The knob is easy to grab. The long curved spot is very elegant. The handle is shaped like a human ear. 
This teapot has a single hole. The flow of tea from the teapot is very smooth.

It performs very well with fresh Oolongs or young raw puerh. 

A short poem is carved under the teapot: "Shan Zhong Yi Gu Ren" (Alone in the mountain). It is signed Meng Chen.

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