Yixing Zisha Di Cao Qing Ju Lun Zhu teapot



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Volume: 105 ml (10.5 cl)

Weight: 117.2 gr

This zisha Di Cao Qing clay comes from a deeper segment of the Yixing mine. It is of high quality and it's sound is rather high: the firing was made at a high temperature.

This shape is called Ju Lun Zhu and refers to the cylindrical knob on top of the lid. It's a Japanese design that was very appreciated for Yixing teapots exported to Japan in the early 20th Century.

Made some 20 years ago, it is in new condition. The tea flows nicely from the spout. It has a flat inside filter with 7 small holes.

The round shape is very harmonious and would add depth and mouthfeel to either roasted rolled Oolong or aged sheng puerh.

The chop on the bottom of the teapot is 'China Yixing' and inside the lid we can read 'Shun Sheng'.

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