Yixing modern zhuni Duo Qio Teapot



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The volume of the teapot is 150 ml (15 cl)

It weighs 121.3 grams.

The clay is modern zhuni, a hard red clay with little porosity. The uneven vertical retractions of the zhuni clay are very easy to see. It was fired at a high temperature: the cover produces a high pitched sound when it touches the body of the teapot.

The details of this teapot show good craftsmanship. The walls under the lid are rather long. The knob is also slightly elevated and easy to grab. 

This teapot was made in Yixing approximately 10 years ago and has signs of previous use inside.
This teapot has a single hole.

It performs best with unroasted High Mountain Oolongs. The scents of the tea come out strong and bright.

The chop under the teapot is a dragon.

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