Yixing Zhuni RouBing Teapot


 Like a castle

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The volume of the teapot is 135 ml (13.5 cl)

It weighs 125 grams. The shape of this teapot resembles a bun.

The clay is red/orange zhuni with little porosity and a high pitched sound that indicates a high firing temperature.

Well made approximately 10 years ago. The spout is small, the knob is nicely shaped, the walls under the lid are long and the handle is easy to hold.

This teapot has a single hole.

It performs very well with fresh Baozhong or high mountain Oolong. The flavors come out bright and intense. 

At the bottom of the teapot, a short poem is carved "Ba Yue Hu Shui Ping" and it's signed Meng Chen.

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