Yixing Hungni Xishi Teapot


 Gorgeous shape

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Volume: 170 ml (17 cl)

Weight: 148.8 gr

This teapot is made of very smooth, dark Hungni clay fired at a high temperature.

The shape of this teapot is named after Xi Shi, the first of 4 famous Chinese beauties. She lived in the 5th century BC and was sent to a prince so that he would neglect his governing duties. Her seduction was a success, and this prince would soon be overthrown.

The lines of this classic Xishi teapot are therefore very round and feminine. The only part of the teapot that could symbolize masculinity (the spout) has been 'cut short'!
The lid prolongs the shape of the body and alludes to the most maternal part of a woman's body...

It has a flat inside flat filter with 9 small holes.

This teapot is approximately 10 years old and has some signs of previous use.

The curvy shape and the Hungni clay of this teapot makes it suitable for Oolong, Baozhong and raw puerh.

The chop on the bottom of the teapot is 'Hsu Xia Zhi Tao'.

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