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Yixing Zisha Ju Lun Zhu teapot



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Volume: 120 ml (12 cl)

Weight: 152.6 gr

This Yixing zisha clay is rough, but good quality. Tool marks can be seen on the spout and on the handle. The sound is just slightly low.

This shape is called Ju Lun Zhu and refers to the flat and wide knob on top of the lid. It's a Japanese design that was very appreciated for Yixing teapots exported to Japan in the early 20th Century.

Made by hand during the 1980s, it uses an early ROC style. The tea flows nicely from the spout. It has a small single hole.

The round shape is very harmonious and would be a good fit for high roasted Oolong. It would also be a good fit for aged sheng puerh or shu puerh.

The seal is a difficult to identify symbol, not a Chinese character.

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