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Yixing polished Duanni Teapot

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Thailand style

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Volume: 210 ml (21 cl)

Weight: 188 grams

The clay is duanni and its shiny look is due to the fact that it was polished very smoothly. This is a technique that was often used for exports to Thailand in the past. It was fired at a high temperature: the cover produces a high pitched sound when it touches the body of the teapot. The details of this teapot are very harmonious and show very good craftsmanship. The handle looks like a human ear. The knob is elevated and easy to grab. And the curved spout produces a graceful water/tea flow. This flow mostly stops when you press on the hole on the knob. It was made approximately 20 years ago and is in new condition. (The chop says it was made in 1921). This teapot has a single hole. It performs very well with Hung Shui Oolongs or Yan Cha. The bottom of the teapot isn't polished. The chop on the bottom says : "MinGuo Shi Nian FuJi Du Zao".

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