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Welcome to the online tea boutique of the Tea Masters blog!


Tea is more than a refined hot beverage. Its great taste soothes the mind and purifies the heart. Its wide range of natural aromas transports you through time and space. Tea can also open the door to Chinese culture and history. Tea can even stimulate your creativity!

Every brew is a new challenge. To make things easier and help you master the art of tea, I select the best leaves I find and personally enjoy. I also propose fitting tea accessories that get the most out of these teas.

On the blog, you will find information and inspiration for tea happiness. In this boutique, you'll find one of the most selective and prestigious tea list in the western world.

The many benefits of ordering from this boutique:
- There is a postcard or 2 with every order.
- F
or tea orders above USD 60, you receive a free 25 gr pack of Jinxuan Oolong from Alishan from Spring 2017 and the Tea Masters guide to brewing Oolong tea .
- Free shipping by airmail for orders above USD 100,

- For tea orders above 100 USD, you receive a FREE copy of my e-book 'TeaMastersBlog at the British Museum' with high resolution pictures (40 MB in PDF format).
- Free shipping by EMS(express mail service with  tracking) for orders above USD 200, and a free pack of 25 gr of Wenshan Baozhong New Plantation from spring 2016 replaces the Jinxuan Oolong

Transportation costs are flat when they are not free:

- 7 USD for North America and Asia/Oceania, 11 USD to Europe.

- 15 USD for EMS to America and Asia/Oceania, 17.5 USD to Europe.


Selling tea happiness since 2005