2018 Spring Jinxuan Oolong from Shibi

High mountain Jinxuan

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Cultivar: Jinxuan Oolong
Harvested by hand: April 11th, 2018
Origin: Shibi, Ali Shan (1200 m)
Process: Light oxidized, rolled.

  This Jinxuan Oolong was harvested in Shibi, a mountain between Shan Lin Xi and Alishan, and it was processed in ChangShuHu (Alishan).

1. View

The dry leaves are big and have a light yellowish hue. The brew has a very good transparency and bright yellow color. The size of the open leaves confirms that they come from a high elevation. The oxidation marks show a good processing.  

2. Scents

High mountain freshness and floral scents are coming from these leaves.

3. Taste

The taste is mellow and zesty. It has a light kick that you only find in high mountain Oolongs.

This makes this Jinxuan very appealing as it brings along a lot of high mountain characteristics. 


Brewing tip: This rolled Oolong needs not just boiling water to open up, it also requires a thorough preheating of the tea vessel (porcelain or gaiwan). Wait roughly 1 minute or a little more for the first brew.

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