2018 Spring Jinxuan Oolong from Ali Shan

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Cultivar: Jinxuan Oolong
Harvested by hand: April 5th, 2018
Origin: Ali Shan (1050 m)
Process: Light oxidized, rolled.

  This Jinxuan Oolong was harvested early, on the day of the QingMing festival, in the mountain of Alishan.

1. View

The dry leaves have a light yellowish hue due to the reduced sunshine in early spring on this plantation. The brew has a very good transparency and bright yellow color. The Jinxuan leaves are generally big, but these ones were harvested relatively early and are not too mature. 

2. Scents

It's always difficult to describe the scents of a light Oolong. It's a subtle mix of freshness, flowers and nature. Some find light milk scents in Jinxuan Oolong, while others sense more a general feeling of spring freshness. 

3. Taste

The taste is fresh and quite sweet. There's also a nice raw fruit astringency that adds length and zest to this tea. It's the energy of the mountain that is felt.

Conclusion: This high mountain Jinxuan Oolong has been harvested by hand, during spring, and comes from one of the foremost tea mountain in Taiwan. For these 3 reasons, this Oolong is already superior to 99% of the teas sold in tea stores in the west. It's a wonderful tea to start exploring quality Oolong.


Brewing tip: This rolled Oolong needs not just boiling water to open up, it also requires a thorough preheating of the tea vessel (porcelain or gaiwan). Wait roughly 1 minute or a little more for the first brew.

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