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(jū shuǐ yuè zài shǒu nòng huāxiāng mǎn yī)

These 2 verses come from a Tang dynasty poem by Yu LiangShi.

My tentative translation: "Hold the moon in the water in the palm of your hands. Smell the strong scent of flowers on your clothes."

These verses have a deeper meaning. Indeed, in order to see the moon reflect in the water in the palm of your hands, you must learn to be extremely clam and focused. Your reward is that your senses are better developed. You perceive flower (or tea) scents much stronger when you are concentrated.

A retired Chinese teacher surnamed 'Ping An' (Haromious Tranquility) wrote this calligraphy. The style of his brush strokes is semi-cursive. This scroll is a handwritten original, not a reproduction.

This scroll measures 55 cm x 31 cm.

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