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2020 Winter Dong Pian Oolong Shan Lin Xi

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Winter Petal

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Cultivar: Qingxin Oolong

Harvested: by hand on November 27th 2020.

Origin: Yang Keng section, Shan Lin Xi (1300 m)

Process: Lightly oxidized, insect bitten, rolled Oolong, dried.

1. The view

The dry leaves have a yellowish green color. The light yellow brew has a very transparency. The open leaves are uneven in size and shape, but generally very tender. The open leaves are yellow green. They have signs of oxidation and the buds have signs of insect bites.

2. The scents

The dry leaves have light flowery fragrances. The brew is much, MUCH more fragrant. And what a fragrance! This is perfume level! It's simply fantastic. It's so fresh and flowery. It's so rare to have such a powerful and beautiful fragrance in an Oolong (especially after a competition brew).

3. The taste

The taste is pure and sweet. It has less aftertaste than a spring harvest, but it has no bitterness either! 

Conclusion: Dong Pian means winter petals. This is the name of the harvest that (sometimes) happens after the winter harvest, if the weather was sunny and warm enough for the leaves to grow. The winter harvest had just happened 3 weeks earlier. That's why the leaves are not fully mature. What makes this Dong Pian even more exceptional, though, is that its leaves received a fair amount of insect bites (similar to OB). And this has created an extraordinary fragrance that has blown me away!

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