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2021 Winter QingXin Oolong Ali Shan

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Winter Flagship Oolong

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Cultivar: Qingxin (ruanzhi) Oolong

Harvested by hand : November 3rd, 2021

Origin: RuiFeng, Ali Shan (1200 m)

Process: Light oxidized and rolled Oolong

1. View

The dry leaves have a fresh yellow/green color. There is also some white color, which is the bud. The brew's color is a bright, shiny yellow. It has a very good transparency. The open leaves are big and have oxidation marks on the edges.

2. The scents

The dry scents are typical of Alishan. Soft fragrances of high mountain pine trees, flowers and high mountain forest. The brew has fresh and fruity notes.

3. The taste

The taste of this Oolong is particularly powerful and mellow. Despite a 6 minutes test brew, there's no bitterness or astringency! However, the length of the aftertaste is amazing.

Conclusion: this winter Oolong comes from a family plantation where 3 generations live together! The 20 something years old son of the farmer is already working quite independently during the Oolong transformation process. And this year, his wife gave birth to a baby! Through a fortunate coincidence, this winter's batch bursts with life and energy!! Of course, this has all to do with the leaves and, in particular, with the more traditional oxidation level. These leaves would also be very suitable to make Hung Shui Oolong through additional roasting. In this fresh state, they will please all those who are looking for an energic taste in their high mountain Oolong!

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