2023 Spring Qingxin Oolong Shan Lin Xi


Feels almost like DYL!

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Cultivar: Qingxin Oolong

Harvested: by hand on May 10th, 2023. First day of this plantation's harvest.

Origin: Yang Keng section, Shan Lin Xi (1300 m)

Process: Lightly oxidized, rolled Oolong, dried.

1. The view

The dry leaves are quite small and different green colors. The brew has an excellent golden transparency. The open leaves are dark green/blue and are rather small with very thin stems and a nice light oxidation. That's because this is the first harvest day of this plantation, when the leaves were the smallest.

2. The scents

This batch is light and floral with natural fragrances of lavender, vetiver and butter. The brew has a great concentration of such flowery fragrances and a deep fresh note at the end.

3. The taste

The taste is sweet, creamy and powerful. It coats the palate, triggers salivation and prolongs the aftertaste with a pleasant sweet and lightly astringent taste.

Conclusion: This year's dry weather conditions have also impacted ShanLinXi. We can notice that this plantation was harvested 7 days later than last year. However, usually, it's harvested on two or three consecutive days. This year, the farmer waited 6 days for the second harvest day! Why? Because so many leaves were not fully grown yet. So, this first harvest day's batch is one of the very first harvest in Shan Lin Xi. That's why its leaves are so small and concentrated in flavors. This gives them additional power, but also a little bitter note. However, our experience tells us that this means more aftertaste and more aging potential. It's a great value if you are looking for a tea that tastes like Da Yu Ling, but at a fraction of the price!

Note: all the outdoors pictures were taken in the plantation of this tea, even the Chaxi!

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