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2024 Spring QingXin Oolong Ali Shan - ChangShuHu


Mountain Freshness

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Cultivar: Qingxin (ruanzhi) Oolong

Harvested by hand: April 10, 2024

Origin: ChangShuHu, Ali Shan (1300m)

Process: Lightly oxidized and rolled Oolong.

1. The view

Large dark green and light yellow dry green leaves. The brew's color is a bright, light and shiny yellow. It has an excellent transparency. The open leaves are dark green, a sign that they've received plenty of sunshine. Their oxidation is very light.  

2. The scents

The dry floral scent are light, fresh and foresty. It has hints of lavender and pine. The brew is a bouquet of lily flowers with hints of peaches.

3. The taste

Sweet, it feels buttery, pure and fresh. It leaves a pleasant and long lasting aftertaste. 

Conclusion: this Alishan Oolong is top notch. It's on the green and fresh side, but it brings a lot of sweetness. It's exactly how you expect a great high mountain Oolong to taste! Even brewed in competition style, it tastes wonderful! This batch is very similar to last year's ChangShuHu (and it comes from the same farmer). This tea was harvested around noon time, the most suitable time, because that's when the air is driest. This has translated in a brew with exceptionally good transparency and a sweet taste. 

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