2019 Spring wild old arbor raw Puerh from Lancang


Power and harmony

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Cultivar: Big leaf gushu Puerh (over 300 years old trees)

Harvested: Spring 2019

Origin: Lancang, Yunnan, China

Process: Sun dried, loose leaves, raw puerh.

1. View

The dry leaves contain lots of large buds. The brew is rather dark (for only 2 grams of leaves for 6 minutes), but it is transparent and shiny. The open leaves show signs of partial oxidation and are mostly whole and healthy.

2. Scents

The dry leaves have a heavy oily scent one finds in handmade soap (whithout the soapy scent). It's a very rich and thick feeling. The brew has woody and high notes that are typical of young gushu puerh. The cold note is raw vanilla.

3. Taste

Pure, sweet, bitter, powerful, thick, refined. Gushu puerh is amazing when it combines harmoniously all these attributes. While many are looking for raw power in their puerh, this one goes beyond and delivers elegance and harmony. And it's a pleasure that lingers on the tongue and the palate for a very long time.

Conclusion: The quality of this gushu puerh is exceptional. It's not blended. It's not pressed. It's simply beautiful.

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