2018 Spring Roasted Rougui Baozhong


Metallic Flowers

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Cultivar: Rougui

Harvested by hand: April 23rd, 2018

Origin: Pinglin, Wenshan

Process: Lightly to medium oxidized Baozhong, twisted leaves, medium to strong roast in early May 2019.

1. View

The dry leaves are large and have a dark color. The orange/brown brew has a very good transparency. The open leaves unfurl well and return to a green/yellow color. All this shows that the roast was strong, but didn't harm the leaves.

2. Scents

The dry scents of the leaves are very complex with notes of dry wood, dark chocolate, spices. The brew contains similar scents but with a more fruity (raspberry) aspect and fewer dark notes.

3. Taste

The taste is clean, sweet and a little sour due to the recent roast. It's very concentrated, but there's still freshness on the tip of the tongue. It has very good aging potential.

Conclusion: This roasted Rougui Baozhong is the roasted version of this Baozhong. Comparing the fresh and this version is a wonderful opportunity to learn and experience the impact of a well balanced roast on Baozhong tea. Also, it's interesting to experience how the Wenshan terroir impacts this popular WuYi cultivar.

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