2020 Spring Jinxuan Baozhong



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Cultivar: Jinxuan. TRES No 12.

Harvested:  March 29th 2020

Origin: Pinglin area, Wenshan, northern Taiwan

Process: Lightly oxidized, twisted, well dried, no stems.

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The dry leaves are rather big and dark green. The brew has a light color between green and yellow. The open leaves show that the rim of the leaves has a red oxidation mark.

2. Scents

The dry scents are fresh and flowery. The brew has the typical smell of an everyday Baozhong. In general, Wenshan Baozhongt has lighter and more flowery notes than rolled Oolongs from central Taiwan.

3. Taste

The taste has a good sweetness for this price level. This very affordable Jinxuan Baozhong expresses well the spring flavors of Taiwan's northern Wenshan region. It has a very appealing fresh flower fragrances and it's a great opportunity to compare this cultivar with the Jinxuan Oolong from Zhushan in order to better grasp the special taste of the Wenshan terroir. 

Conclusion: This is a good example that reminds us that Baozhong is not based on a particular cultivar. Almost any tea cultivar can be turned into a Baozhong if it's processed with a light oxidation and striped shape in the Wenshan region.

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