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  • 2020 Spring Foshou Baozhong from Wenshan

2020 Spring Foshou Baozhong from Wenshan

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Buddha Hand

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Cultivar: Foshou Oolong (Buddha Hand)

Harvested by hand on April 18th, 2020

Origin: Pinglin area, Wenshan, North Taiwan

Process: Light oxidation, striped shape, without roast, no stems.

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The dry leaves of the Buddha Hand cultivar are huge! They are the biggest leaves used in Taiwan. The name Buddha Hand comes not just from the large size of the open leaves, but originally it refers to the Foshou (Buddha hand) fruit (see the last picture). The brew's color is yellow, which indicates a light oxidation level.

2. Scents

The dry scents remind me of pine trees in a subtropical forest. But the brew has fragrances that are similar to the citrus scents of the Buddha Hand fruit. That's why the name is such a good fit.

3. Taste

Light and sweet and only a very light zesty astringency that is typical of the citrus fruit.

Conclusion: This Buddha Hand cultivar produces impressive open leaves and very different Baozhong aromas. It's important to preserve these special cultivars to promote the diversity of Wenshan Baozhong. Tea would be boring if it were only made of a couple of cultivars!

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