2021 Spring First Garden Harvest Baozhong


First Baozhong

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Cultivar: TTES No 22 Qin Yu (A new cultivar with Qingxin Oolong as male parent and Jinxuan as female parent).

Harvested by hand: March 19th, 2021

Origin: A 2 years young plantation in San Hsia, North Taiwan.

Process: Lightly oxidized striped leaves, light roasting, with some stems.

1. View

The dry leaves have a fresh dark green color. They contain some stems and are relatively uneven, because they come from a new tea garden that has been harvested for the very first time this March. The brew has a concentrated yellow hue that points to a higher oxidation level than what we can see on the open leaves. The reason is that the leaves have a very strong concentration of flavors.

2. Scents

The dry leaves have scents of veggies, like a green tea, and of caramel. The brew is an explosion of fragrant flowers. There's yulan, yelai xiang and many others. The most powerful flower fragrances emanate from the cup. And this scent is exactly the heavy natural scent that floats in the air of this tea garden in late March on a warm and sunny day.

3. Taste

The taste is pure and clean, bright and sweet. Despite the long test brew, the tea becomes just barely astringent and not bitter. This is what the creators of this new cultivar had in mind when they crossed Qingxin and Jinxuan: a tea that is easy to brew.

Conclusion: This is a fantastic Baozhong! Not only is it a new cultivar that combines the quality of Qingxin and of Jinxuan. But it's also the very first time the leaves of these new trees on this new plantation have been harvested and processed. It doesn't get better in terms of energy and purity!

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