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2021 Spring Rougui Baozhong

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Metallic Flowers

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Cultivar: RouGui

Harvested by hand: April 7th, 2021

Origin: Pinglin, Wenshan

Process: Lightly to medium oxidized Baozhong, twisted leaves, well dried.

1. View

The dry leaves have a mostly a dark green color. The light yellow brew has a very good transparency. The open leaves show signs of oxidation on the edges, which means a more traditional processing.

2. Scents

The dry scents of the leaves are very unusual. They contain notes of Provence herbs, spices, wood and flowers. The brew has a refined fragrances of metallic flowers turning progressively into peaches. There are also notes of wet soil near a river.

November 2021 tasting in a zhuni teapot: The brew displays lots of orchid and white flower scents mixed with pomelo scent. The fragrances are fresh and bright.

3. Taste

The taste is clean and sweet. Its aftertaste has length thanks to a slight astringency that prolongs the sweetness. It coats the palate with pleasure!

November 2021 tasting in a zhuni teapot: Zesty taste with light pomelo like bitterness that prolongs the taste a lot.

Conclusion: Rougui is a relatively new and popular cultivar in WuYi. Its leaves are larger than most Taiwanese cultivars. It's interesting to taste its Wenshan adaptation in the fresh Baozhong style. 

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