2022 Spring 'Lily flower' Baozhong


Red Heart

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Cultivar: Yingzhi Hongxin (Hard stem Red heart) mixed with some '2028' cultivar

Harvested by hand: April 9th and April 10th, 2022 respectively.

Origin: Pinglin, Wenshan, northern Taiwan

Process: Lightly oxidized, striped, well dried.

Baozhong started to be produced in the Nangang mountain, east of Taiwan at the end of the 19th century. Then, it quickly was grown in most hills of northern Taiwan. The reason for this development is that Baozhong won first prizes at several International Exhibitions (Paris, Milan, Panama) in the early 20th century while Taiwan was under Japanese rule (1895-1945). The fame of Baozhong continued in the 50s and 60s as plantations moved towards Shiding and Pinglin, south of Taipei. These were places without industry and where the nature is still very well preserved (because it also holds a lot of water reserves for the capital). The term Baozhong simply means 'wrapped inside' and refers to how it was packed in paper long time ago. Baozhong does not refer to a particular cultivar. During its long history of Baozhong production, farmers have experimented with lots of different tea trees. Here we have the opportunity to discover a fewer known cultivar: Yingzhi Hongxin. The meaning of this name is 'hard stem, red heart'.

1. View

The dry leaves are of a fresh green color. The brew is clear and light yellow. The open leaves have signs of oxidation.

2. Scents

Their dry scent are fresh thanks to their light oxidation level. They remind me of lavender. The brew is also very flowery with bright scents of lily flowers.

3. Taste

The taste is sweet, fresh and pure. It coats the palate and has a powerful aftertaste. This power comes from addition of a small portion of '2028' cultivar leaves. On its own, this batch of Yingzhi Hongxin was lacking in taste.

Conclusion: Usually, I privilege single batches, but this fragrant tea was lacking in taste, which made the tasting experience unsatisfying. That's why I selected this nicely matching mix of leaves which were just harvested one day apart!

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