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2022 Spring 'Subtropical Energy' Baozhong


Cha Qi

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Cultivar: Code '2028'. This is an experimental cultivar that was developed at the same time as Jinxuan and Tsui Yu. Despite never being officially released, it's still cultivated in the Pinglin area.

Harvested by hand: April 10, 2022

Origin: Pinglin, Wenshan region.

Process: Lightly oxidized Baozhong, twisted, no stems, well dried.

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The dry leaves are dark green and thin. The brew has a deep yellow hue. The open leaves show an above average, traditional oxidation level.

2. Scents

The dry scents mix scents dry wood and nature. The brew has notes of the subtropical forest surrounding the Wenshan tea plantations. There is also a light citrus note.

3. Taste

The taste sweet and powerful. This brew makes the mouth salivate and this prolongs the aftertaste.

Conclusion: I've named this Baozhong 'Subtropical Energy', because its fragrances are similar to Subtropical Forest Baozhong and its taste is particularly powerful. The very same leaves were added to the 'Lily flower' Baozhong to add power to its taste. Here you get to taste it unadulterated!

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