1950s Raw Gushu Puerh


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Cultivar: Gushu (old arbor) Puerh

Harvested: 1950s

Origin: Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China

Process: raw, sun dried, pressed. These leaves fell off from aged cakes stored in Hong Kong and were collected in loose fashion. Then they were stored in Taiwan.

The first pictures show 2 gr of dry leaves and the 6 minute brew in a white porcelain competition set. The goal of this brew isn't to get the best brew, but to ascertain the quality of the leaves through an extreme brew.

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The flat and often broken shape of the dry leaves is proof that they were once pressed into cakes. The color of the brew is dark brown-red. Great transparency. The brewed leaves open up slowly and their color lightens up.

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Calm, deep, sweet. No bitterness despite the extreme brewing parameter. Very pleasant aftertaste.

Price: The reference price for a puerh cake of the 1950s is 100,000 USD in auctions in Hong Kong and China. On a gram basis, this means about 285 USD with the drawback that you have to purchase a full cake. With loose puerh, you have more flexibility in the amount you purchase AND the price is at a considerable discount!

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