Mid 1980s, broken loose puerh from Menghai Factory


Broken leaves

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Cultivar: Big arbor puerh

Harvested: Mid 1980s

Origin: Menghai Factory, Yunnan, China

Process: raw, sun dried, unblended

This raw loose puerh comes from the bottom of the bags of this puerh. It's exactly the same, but the leaves are broken in pieces.

This tea was originally purchased by the Menghai Tea factory. It is an unblended and unsorted harvest from high altitude, old arbor puerh trees. 

For the pictures, I used only 1,5 gr.

1. The view.

The leaves are very broken and dark, but not black. The brew has a good transparency and dark brown color. The open leaves contain dark twigs and brown broken leaves typical of aged sheng.

2. The scents

The dry leaves have a faint scent of old wood. The brew has camphor and wood scents.

3. The taste

Powerful, but round and long lasting. It tickles the back of the tongue and coats the palate. It also stimulates salivation. It's very intense while remaining smooth.

Conclusion: the fannings of this tea are easy and quick to brew. Given its quality and power, I recommend using smaller amounts than you would with whole leaves.

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